About 4 weeks
€84.00 Ex Tax: €69.42

The Equiline Octagon saddle pad with the diamond stepping is made of 100% natural cotton, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The pad has a 900 grams filling with breathable cotton wool that absorbs shocks well. You can customize this saddlepad in your own favorite colors!

  • Choose your model
  • Choose a pad color
  • Choose a trimming color
  • Choose your rhinestones and/or cords

Most cords are available in both 6mm and 3mm. Maximum 3 cords, in combination with rhinestones maximum 2 cords.

These are always on the outside with 1 or 2 cords on the inside. The Beige rhinestones S005 can be placed between 2 cords or without cords at all.
The rhinestones are on only at the back of the pad as standard. You can order them all around at an additional cost, please contact us for this.

(Glitter) band:
Can only be ordered without cords or rhinestones.

The delivery time is approximately 4 weeks. 
The saddlepads are available with matching ear nets, rugs, stable curtains and more. We have color samples in the shop, feel free to contact us for questions or examples of color combinations