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Gallop out that start box without a worry for your horses’ legs with the Equilibrium Impact Sports Boots. The ultimate horse boot for high impact activities such as cross country, polo or racing but also good for everyday hacking and jumping!

  • Protects from concussion and penetration injuries.
  • Tested to protect if the horse was to hit a solid fence or strike itself.
  • Lightweight even when wet! Save your horse the effort and reduce tiredness.
  • Breathable horse boots, allows heat to escape with unique multilayer mesh design.
  • Keeping legs cool is so important for helping to prevent injury to tendons and ligaments.
  • Flexible design to allow freedom of the horses’ movement. Stiff or tight boots can affect stride and joint movement.
  • Trusted boots developed using latest research and independently tested.
  • Moulds round the leg for a perfect fit.

There are so many things to consider when purchasing horse boots, that we wanted to offer a boot where you didn't have to compromise at all. Generally if you go for a hard shell/very protective boot, it can be heavy, inflexible and unbreathable. Likewise, a lightweight boot might be more breathable and flexible, but won't offer the protection that is needed. The Impact Sports Boots offers protection that is tested to withstand overreaching, hitting a cross country fence, etc, yet still retains all the other desired features to keep your horse comfortable and their legs in good shape!

The boot design uses a five-layer system, each chosen for their unique properties

  • The first layer is provides a inner lining that sits against the horses' leg. Made from perforated EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), the liner sits comfortably against the leg. The perforations allow heat to escape and aids breathability, while the flexibility of the material allows it to mould to the horses' leg.
  • Layer two is a strong nylon mesh. This adds another layer of protection to the sports boots, but also stops any debris making its way into the boot towards your horses' leg.
  • Layer three is the internal guard made from vinyl - a string, durable and moisture resistant material. This layer is placed over the vulnerable tendon area and is made with strips of material to allow it to mould around the horses leg. This allows the horse to move freely without the feeling of a ‘splint’.
  • The fourth layer is a EVA waffle. Commonly used in the soles of human shoes and as padding on sports equipment, this material is durable, breathable, and protective! We’ve made sure it's easy to clean and maintain too!
  • Finally, layer five includes strategically placed vinyl strike guards. On the front boot, these are placed down the vulnerable tendon area, as well as at the front of the boot. On the hind boot, they cover the vast majority of the inside of the horses' leg.

Sold in pairs, in stock in black and white. Other colours on request.