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  • Brand: eQuick
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The eQuick eVenting boots, now with a FREE set of overreach boots!

The eQuick eVenting boots for cross country are extremely light (165 grams!) thanks to a combination of innovative materials. Rigid parts guarantee a high impact protection in the most delicate limbs of the horse. The tendon boot is very tight in the legs of the animal and elongated towards the knee, while leaving maximum freedom of movement to the pastoral.

The boot has incorporated a perforated high impact HCL foam that aids in protection but offers breath ability at the same time which helps to keep the leg cool when the competition heats up. A composite carbon fiber and Kevlar (the same material used in bullet proof vests) encase the leg for maximum protection but also are designed for flexibility for a nice fit around the legs. The patented "Quick Release" tab will makes it really easy to take the boots off in a split of a second, just pull the tab and the boots are off.

- Extremely lightweight
- Ventilating
- Non-water absorbing
- Flexibel fit
​- Quick release

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