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  • Brand: eQuick
  • Product Code: eArtik Cooling Bell Boots

Cold therapy is one of the most effective methods for alleviating soft tissue-related aches and pains in hardworking horses.

With the eArtik boots cold therapy we can aid the healing of musculoskeletal new and old injuries, and also help to prevent them.

Cold therapy can also become an everyday treatment for your horse. When a horse is working hard, capillaries, tendons and ligaments expand and when work stops, that excess flow can persist. With cold therapy we can close up the vessels, and restore the post workout circulatory conditions.


Ideal to treat haematomas, sprains, injuries, and whenever cold application is required. You can also treat strains, ligament and tendon damage.

The eArtik cooling bells boots are equipped with 1 velcro straps to adapt the bells to all the horses.The designed shape keeps the eArtik cooling bells boots in the right position. Easy to use and easy to wash (without inserts) in the washing machine at 30°C. The gelatine pads are reusable and completely atoxic

One size, sold per pair