1-2 weeks
€495.00 Ex Tax: €409.09
  • Brand: Point Two
  • Product Code: Airjacket Adult

The Point Two Airjacket will be supplied with:

- Lanyard
- Saddle strap
- Canister in the jacket + one spare canister

When the airjacket is used on more then one saddle then it is advisable to order extra saddle straps so that each saddle has its own strap.

The size can be found in the size chart below, the size is based on it's length and the airbag vest should reach at least halfway down the buttock. Please note hat when the Airjacket will be used over a bodyprotector, measurement must be done over the bodyprotector.The Airjacket blows inward and outwards and must therefore be worn loose with a clearance of about a fist. If you are uncertain about the size, please contact us.

Delivery will take about 2 weeks