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The company that created Cryochaps have designed the Exoskeleton tendon boots to minimise heat build up whilst protecting the lower leg from impacts, interference and brushing. These all purpose air flow boots for horses are great for hacking, eventing, flatwork and showjumping, and they are FEI legal.

Many horse boots surround the leg, with little ventilation, to give as much strike protection as possible. However, horse’s legs also need to be protected from excessive heat build up during exercise. The insulating effect of boots and bandages could mean high temperatures are held within the core of the tendon and this may result in degeneration to the soft tissues.

Cryochaps, as a company, have studied the main strike areas and provided excellent protection in these areas. The boot has been opened up to form vents in an exoskeleton, a hard outer protection with great air flow. This revolutionary tendon boot uses forced convection cooling as well as allowing heat to escape naturally, making it superior in terms of strike protection and non insulating.

Size: Full
Color: Black and Brown